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Watchlight’s access control system is not all about prohibiting access to highly restricted areas but to provide access to building occupants and visitors to areas where they are needed. This is ensuring that an effective access control system is in place to protect property, sensitive company data, and the business itself.

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Access Control Customization

We understand that keys are important tools to gain access by people who handle them. But through advanced technology, we upgrade conventional systems to equip facilities of a more secure process to mitigate vulnerabilities and to regulate movement.

Letting the right people in and locking out the wrong ones is essential in the replacement of traditional keys. Through proper documentation, the system can enlist those personnel authorized to access certain areas. Thus, with electronic access, it helps your facility to issue magnetic cards or biometrics to filter the right people.

Watchlight has a comprehensive package of access control technology solutions and integrates them into the company’s system.

The Watchligh team doesn’t just hand you the ‘keys’ and walk away. We offer hands-on training to our customers so they can use their new systems right away. We handle optimization and customization of the access control technology based on our customers’ needs.

Impressive Data Encryption

Watchlight uses the AES 256-bit key to protect sensitive data from being accessed.

Employee credentials, company information, account numbers, bank data, or government files can be at your access control management’s fingertips and out of reach from unauthorized people.

Our IT experts implement different code formats and encryption methods as the backbone of any of our systems to protect sensitive information that is connected to vital systems, such as access control, fire, burglar intrusion, or cameras.

These days, data theft is rampant, that even wireless devices get hacked. Watchlight is vigilant on these facts and helps solve this vulnerability by installing state-of-the-art technology.

To the Rescue!

It is all too common to have companies setup with proprietary access control systems that can create more problems than they solve. Even in 2020, Watchlight has to come to the rescue of more than one large technology firm in San Diego. Some involved cases where a technology company had their system completed, and Watchlight came to the rescue. Our support system’s expertise was able to help more than a thousand engineers who were locked out. Watchlight fixed the system from scratch and reprogrammed access controls to enter the names of the people in the system through profiling, coding, and issuing of new badges. Thus, operation resumed, and business was good again.

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