Keeping the Healthcare Environment the Safest Haven Around

Clinics and hospitals are safe havens of people with illness desiring to find wellness in these shelters. They go to hospitals to get well and desire to recover from injuries and accidents. People with disabilities and all kinds of ailments seek clinical and medical care.

These people have to be taken cared of under the hands of medical and health professionals. Therefore, their life and safety is of utmost importance.

Integrating security systems in the medical and healthcare industry is imperative to provide protection of patients, hospitals staff, and even visitors. The efficiency of security management will keep this industry safe from any kind of aggression, intrusion, violence, and accident.

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Integrated Security Systems for Healthcare Environments

Watchlight’s coverage of service includes integrated security for healthcare and hospital security systems, and it’s one of the most recommended solutions in this kind of environment.

We offer safety and security systems in the medical industry by imposing a range of security measures, which include surveillance cameras, electronic access for authorized members and staff, and duress alarms.

Hospital personnel such as doctors, nurses and nurse assistants, staff and patients need to be safe 24/7.

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Protect Medical Equipment

Clinics and hospital buildings have laboratory and equipment, medicines, and supplies vital to their daily operation. Accidents could happen anytime, that’s why these industries should employ fire security safety at all times.

Modern hospitals and clinics have sophisticated facilities and equipment that need even more protection. These settings are vulnerable to different kinds of attacks, it can leave their premises susceptible to theft, damage to facility, disruption of business process due to malevolent intent of some people, compromising pharmaceutical and medical inventories in many ways; fire and safety issues are always at stake—and the damage to all of these not only concern investment but the life itself.

Security Checks Performance

Watchlight’s solutions could step in to perform security checks in many ways:

  • Intrusion detection
  • Access control
  • Visitor management
  • Control on inventory in the pharmaceutical
  • Fire management and safety
  • Video surveillance against all kinds of malevolent practices

Security System Integration

The layout of your building affects how the security system is installed. It is important to consider every corner of your site where human traffic is monitored. Parts of the building not often seen with people are the most vulnerable areas where they need fully secure coverage to optimize the security solution in the most cost-effective way.
What are these integrations?
  • Access controls in forms of intruder alarms
  • Video surveillance that can be optimized by security guards by assessing threats and notifying the control system or the authorities
  • Smart video monitoring installed in every strategic points

Watchlight has advanced systems and tools to integrate security management on a wide scale. Our alarm response systems are more efficient and advanced than real security guards manning every corner of your facility. With the help of our experts in this technology, we ensure that you can optimize your business and enhance your patient care management.

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