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A manufacturing firm is one large industry that deals with a large-scale business. Owners of manufacturing companies, factories, or firms have many things to consider when it comes to security, especially physical security.

In a facility, which covers a wide perimeter, it’s about protecting the staff that work round the clock and equipment which the staff operate.

Manufacturing plants are also a victim of security breach, theft, or personnel endangerment. Therefore, it is vital for the manufacturing industries to adopt security measures to keep their business safe.

Table of Contents

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Protect the good guys, keep intruders out

Security solutions involve the installation of surveillance cameras for 24/7 monitoring. With Watchlight’s advanced surveillance system, industrial security cameras will keep the bad guys at bay, even for those within your facility. Theft, criminality, or violence are events that can happen in any organization. Sometimes, the culprits are within the organization.

Employees can commit untoward behavior that will lead to theft and any other crime. With security cameras installed in strategic points, there is no place for mischievous activities. Your plant’s advanced cameras can capture real-time live feed and will serve as your eyes for these creepy crawlers within your premises.

Protecting is not all about keeping safe the people from the inside but it also means locking out the bad ones.

As an example, theft can be incurred by insiders. Since employees have access to videos or monitors, they could disarm these to pursue with their scrupulous acts so as not to be seen or to prevent the company from gaining evidence of the crime. Watchlight’s advanced monitoring system gives you full control of your plant even if you’re away.

Observing employee safety measures

Manufacturing plants have machineries that can cause serious harm or fatal accidents to employees operating them. The safety of employees is a top priority because they are the major contributors to production. This relates to strict compliance to Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHSA) regulations.

With an effective security system integrated in a manufacturing plant that involves operation of dangerous machines, employee safety measures are enhanced.

Some of these security measures include:
  • Video surveillance: controls suspicious activities, e.g., trespassing, vandalism, theft, or violence that will lead to certain accidents
  • Access control: tracking of who’s going in or out and when
  • Fire alarm system: effective integration of sensors that would connect to one control room to be able to act fast and maintain an efficient monitoring, especially of false alarms

Protect your firm with a verified security system

A perfectly running security surveillance system is to keep watch of outsiders too, even if your facility is closed. Strangers, intruders, bystanders that wait for a chance to get in will be locked out forever with our sophisticated entry system and access. Even before they could approach entryways, the security cameras would have done their job.

The effectiveness of your security system lies on the type of system installed in your facility. You can plan ahead and think of an attack that your manufacturing plant is vulnerable to. Keeping your security policies in check is saving you thousands of dollars, if not millions, from all kinds of intrusion.

Protect your plant from all kinds of intrusion and vulnerability, invest in industrial security cameras and access controls to keep your people and industry safe at all times.

Learn more about it and save your plant from all kinds of attacks.

Watchlight’s proven security system will help keep your manufacturing firm safe and running.

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