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Watchlight provides a security system solution to every business operation, whether the industry is a corporate or commercial building, educational institution, health, entertainment, or industrial facility.

Our team of experts and ITs, certified and well experienced in the security system integration services, have completed system integration projects of all kinds. Whether your facility falls under those we have served, expect the proven best results with a security process tailored to your needs.

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Exceptional video surveillance

Every business requires some form of cybersecurity to secure their perimeters, and with our exceptional video surveillance and security systems, we hope to make your premises safer and beyond comparison.

We believe that your business isn’t just your business, but it’s your passion and a way of life. It’s also a livelihood for you and your employees, and we can tailor security solutions to help you protect it by providing the most sophisticated system.

Apps integration

Watchlight believes that by integrating softwares and user-friendly apps, it will enhance your security system in protecting property perimeters. Things like video verification, devices with apps to monitor intrusion points is a great way to tighten your security system.

Video cameras installed in perimeter points capture real-time events and information. You can have the process integrated with the central station monitoring who can simultaneously help you make more informed decisions, especially during emergencies.

Real-time monitoring helps in:
  • Improving employee, visitors, and customer safety
  • Protecting inventory of merchandise, equipment, or tangible assets
  • Preventing theft, inside jobs and outside alarming events
  • Barring unauthorized entry and vandalism on parking areas, entryways, and storage

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Verification Systems

With our video verification system at Watchlight, our monitoring professional is going to immediately check the video whenever a camera is triggered and confirm if an intrusion has taken place. Authorities will be immediately alerted of an event (e.g., robbery) in progress.

Our monitoring solutions provide fast response and greater protection for businesses. We can detect false alarms and quickly confirm to prevent costly false alarm fees. There will also be reduced insurance claims due to lower property loss. We can minimize product loss and business interruption by deterring criminals or catching them in the act as well.

Watchlight can partner and help you design an integrated security system solution that answers your most challenging security problems and helps you increase your business’ productivity.

Your monitoring and security systems will integrate the following:
  • Video surveillance
  • Access control
  • Fire alarms
  • Smoke detectors
  • Visitor and staff management
  • Panic alarms
  • Elevators
  • And many more
The Watchlight team is composed of highly skilled engineers, software developers, system analysts, IT specialists, project managers, and security analysts to provide you the customized security system for your business.

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