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Watchlight provides security services for the automotive industry. This is a no brainer. The automotive business is a huge industry that protects multi-million dollar cars in their premises. A physical security guard is vital to 24/7 monitoring, but they too will have their performance dwindle at some point since they are only humans. However, with the help of video monitoring in these centers with big investments, the automotive industry can be assured that their properties and merchandise are safe.

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Table of Contents

A cost-efficient security measure

The car business would pay for guards that will serve as eyes and ears, but it could be more cost-effective if surveillance cameras are installed in every strategic point in the building. In this way, the business could save for manpower even if they have the capacity to pay for more yet become more efficient with the help of Watchlight’s advanced security system devices.

Prevent car theft

Car theft is rampant where the rate is increasing every year. The loss in capital based on the price of cars being stolen and the situation to whom the car belongs even if it is stored in an automobile facility are great concerns car dealers face today.

For example, if a car stolen belongs to a customer for servicing or if a unit is already sold and for dispatch the next day, but unfortunately it was stolen the night before delivery, what if there are cumulative cases like these? How can the auto dealer cope with such a mess?

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Any of these other outfits like small business and car dealerships, they hire and pay for security guards. Your facility can have cameras everywhere that will provide you a 24-hour guard service, one-time investment with a monthly service fee. It is way more affordable than what you were paying monthly for human guards. Imagine the savings you gain!

Putting security guards is an archaic way of monitoring. Whereas, if you use a central monitoring station, you’re still delegating it to somebody else. You’re just using electronic detection.

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The technology designed to enable the monitoring station to have a say on the events and access are means to make informed decisions at the moment of an event, because just like physical security guards, you would want them to make decisions quickly, but unfortunately they are unarmed, making them vulnerable to attacks.

Dealership types:

  • New Car Dealerships
  • Multi Brand Car Dealerships
  • Used Car Lots
  • Luxury Car Dealerships
  • Car Showrooms
  • Car Auction Lots
  • Car Rental Lots

Protect your dealer’s reputation

Your auto dealer security measures must be given an afterthought knowing that the money invested in each vehicle is of high price and maintaining vehicle inventory is crucial to your operation.

Now is the time to enhance your auto dealer security before things get out of hand. It is vital for the business to put safeguards to prevent the company’s reputation and avoid loss. What can you do?

  • Install security cameras
  • Enhance locking systems for cars and the facility
  • Protect fobs and keys
  • Change access codes and passwords periodically

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