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A completely automated home is where you can experience a seamless integration of all your devices at home. Chase the power of smart automation and feel the comfort, convenience, and security home automation brings to you and your loved ones.

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Enjoy seamless control

Get the feeling of controlling the key devices in your home using a smart app. Connect them all and monitor the status of each of these devices. You can control them from wherever you are, anytime. Whether you are away from home, enjoy the benefits of knowing that your home is safe and secure.

Watchlight provides the latest home technological advancements that will allow you to live in the home of your dreams. With our smart home automation, you can enjoy the convenience of technology and maintain your security.

Our smart home automation comes with the following features:

  1. Lighting

    Using your smart app, you can control lighting in your home. Including all other appliances the smart home automation lets you schedule, impose rules, and monitor the status of lighting in every room. You never have to get up just so some of the lights weren’t turned off, or you never need to visit every room to check.

  1. Temperature control

    Is it too cold or too hot? Have you checked if there’s an open window or door? Having a smart home lets you feel the comfort of any weather. With the convenience of using your smartphone, you can quickly adjust your thermostat just the way you want it.
    Controlling your temperature means also saving energy. Discover more surprising features of climate control.

  1. Garage

    Never leave your property vulnerable to intruders. Garage doors are entry points of attack, especially that they are built far from your main door.

  1. Remote control

    Enjoy a universal remote control using your smart device, whether that is a smartphone or a smartwatch. Arm your home with the much needed security by controlling the locks, lights, appliance with a simple touch of buttons.

  1. Scheduling

    Worried that you left your air conditioner on? Or your oven? How about your TV, have you left it on? With smart home automation, your devices can be controlled by setting a schedule. Determine how these appliances can be controlled, so that when you forget, let them do the talking. Turn and off your home appliances and never spend a day worrying.

Set Up Your Smart Home Today

Since being smart is the key, set your smartphone to receive alerts on any event that is important for you or events that trigger an unusual activity. Equip your property with smart devices and hook them all up using smart home apps from Watchlight. Discover how we do it, and spend a day away or in your work without the worries of the hassles of life.

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