Control in the Palm of Your Hands

An automated home provides seamless integration of all your devices, and provides comfort in knowing you can monitor and control them from wherever you are. Watchlight provides the latest home technological advancements, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of technology while maintaining your security.

Smart Home Automation Devices

Why have a Smart Home?

Convenience, Comfort, and Energy (and Money!) Saving

With home automation, you can use your smartphone to control all of your devices. You have the convenience of operating, making adjustments to, or checking the status of your devices from anywhere. You also have the ability to set schedules and timers for your devices, which means you can tell the devices in advance when to turn on, when to turn off, and what temperature you want your thermostat set to at specific times of the day. Not only does this ensure your comfort when you arrive, but it also saves energy, which means you are saving money!

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