Educate the Youth While Keeping Them Safe

School safety is now in the limelight amid the increasing harassments, accidents, and crime-ridden events happening inside and outside the campus. The campus is becoming a life-threatening place for parents whose children are too young to be exposed to abuses and grave crimes. Maybe it is one of the biggest failures schools make in terms of addressing security measures.

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Prevent Campus Intrusion

Mass or school shooting is a testament to how campuses are inept in implementing different measures when it comes to safety of the students, school staff, and all its occupants.

While we still believe that the campus is the safest place for our youth while they engage in learning, we are faced with fear that their utmost safety is now being compromised and has become a national concern, especially for institutions whose role is to nurture the minds even those of very young children.

In light of the recurring campus shootings on a national level, parents and teachers alike are in great fear that if everybody doesn’t feel safe anymore, no one’s ever going to school again.

Parents and the institution itself clamor for a safe and secure educational environment to give way to a healthy learning society. Aside from providing knowledge, schools should also consider providing a safe community for students, teachers, staff, and even parents.

How can you integrate campus security solutions?

Schools can improve their existing security measures and standards by addressing their own weaknesses and security issues.

School alarm systems, surveillance systems, campus security cameras, are all part of school safety measures. The importance of campus safety is one of Watchlight’s thrust in providing the most advanced and sophisticated security system technology.

There are a lot of ways and types of security a school need in order to be safe:
  • Access control
  • Fire safety
  • Disaster (Earthquake) safety
  • Health safety
  • Digital safety
  • Harassment
  • Theft
  • Safety against dangerous drugs

The Convenience of Access Control

Access controls options for campuses is now being eyed as an essential measure for added protection of students, pointing to the rampant mass killing. With enhanced access control, the school administration or the one responsible for monitoring who’s entering the building will have the power to lockdown.

The lockdown feature is highly necessary in case a gunman was able to barge in the school premises. If teachers in classrooms have been demanded to act accordingly to protect their students, the lockdown of doors in the hallways controlled remotely will protect the students and many people as possible, preventing the gunman full access to execute the crime.

To ensure safety in the campus, Watchlight can address fire, disaster, harassment, and theft.

Smoke detectors, alarms, access controls, CCTVs, surveillance and monitoring, especially on parking lots where car theft and other crimes happen, are all vital to the facilitation or implementation of security measures in order to protect the students, staff, parents, and visitors who come into and out of the building everyday.

Don’t turn your school into a prison-like institution but a safe haven for all its constituents. Get rid of intruders, burglars, vandalists, thieves, arsonists, terrorists, and all kinds of criminals who pose harassment to every person in your campus. Protect your property as well.

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