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Watchlight has been monitoring alarm systems for shopping centers since 1972. Shopping center security has been one of Watchlight’s expertise, making us a reliable security company serving different industries.

We had experience facilitating video surveillance and installation of business security cameras especially for large shopping malls in the West Coast.

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Table of Contents

Protection Against All Kinds of Threats

Time has evolved since then and technology has moved past traditional security systems but still Watchlight stands serving as your eyes and ears against all kinds of threats. Since then, under our watch, no mall has ever been closed because we have been diligently monitoring and taking care of these facilities.

What we did in the past, we have prevented fires from destroying large buildings like shopping centers. That’s the traditional way while everybody seemed to be doing it, we did it in a fashionable way where we put all our sophisticated systems into work.

We encountered and faced different scenarios where there were actual fires, and we have responded accordingly.

We did our job to provide a safe mall environment, given that this is a place where people go to for leisure, so that mall goers would feel safe and shop with peace of mind.sure.

Sophisticated Video Monitoring

The importance of video surveillance precision is to assure the record of all activities within the mall, even the areas where foot traffic is less. This is to keep watch of suspicious activities, emergencies, or accidents within the premises.

CCTVs installed on various points provide the vantage point on all angles to secure the place. Malls and shopping centers are crowded places getting flocked by all kinds of people for different reasons. 

The mall facility itself has a huge physical coverage where you can find all kinds of stores, food courts, movie theaters, parking lots, and even restrooms which could be targets of attacks, theft, and vandalism.

Employees and staff that run the malls are essential part of the business. Thus, as they do their jobs with good customer service, it will be reflected from the shop goers’ reaction through their fruitful and genuine patronization of products and services offered in the malls.

Whenever you feel safe, business will be smooth.

Alarm System Integration

Watchlight will assess and tailor fit a security system that will decide on security equipment needed to enforce security measures. Given that security guards are personnel of agencies who provide security from real persons, surveillance cameras and alarm systems are integral to their operations.

Watchlight works with retail managers to impose strict security solutions to maximize the efficiency to their premises. Our system is developed along with the improvement in technology, giving us the upper hand to provide devices designed by experts in monitoring.

Working along with engineers and adapting to the trends of telecommunications, we were to build a sophisticated system that provides a mall of uninterrupted service.

Watchlight’s professional security monitoring system is 24/7 keeping your business safe and covered at all times.

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