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The real estate industry is now encouraged to integrate home security system features in their business of buying and selling properties. This will have a positive impact on buyers who want to get the best from their purchase. And in case there is a resell, property owners have the option to offer their property to realty firms or direct buyers on a higher price.

Home buyers would think of modern features that speak a lot about technology. Our technology-ridden world has been the basis for these serious buyers because they want their homes equipped with the best amenities available.

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Table of Contents

What do most buyers look for?

It’s a huge plus when the property you are selling offers home automation that gives the buyer or future homeowner the access to all devices using their mobile devices.

Home automation requires your devices like thermostats, sprinklers, cooling and heating systems, light switches, and appliances can be controlled remotely.

When it comes to home security, this includes motion sensors installed on doors, windows, and other potential entryways, cameras, and smoke detectors linked together and controlled and monitored from a panel.

Home automation involves smart devices and home appliances connected to a hub.

Although the architectural design, size, location, landscaping, and any other physical features are big attractions, realtors have started thinking about integrating home automation systems for security purposes, making these offers become an asset in the market.

Benefits of HAVING AN alarm system on the property

  • Increase the property’s resale value
  • Alarm system devices and the service on a monthly rate are fairly affordable
  • Lowers crime rate in the community
  • Reduces home insurance
  • Save investment for a long term

A damaged property may not look appealing, and prospective buyers would be discouraged. As a realtor, it is important that the property you manage, offer for sale or rent is attractive to customers. A home security system is an icing on the cake that sells. 

Find a way to make your investments intact and safe by having someone keep an eye on these capitals.

Watchlight’s thrust of providing a state-of-the-art monitoring system is simply perfect for home developers and real estate companies. We keep an eye on your properties 24/7, and we ensure you hitch those sales because your merchandise are worth the buy.

Real estate can be classified through the following:

  • Residential—all residential types include single-detached homes, townhouses, condominium units, duplex and similar type, multi-story, and even vacation homes
  • Commercial—shopping centers, commercial establishments, hotels, hospitals, educational buildings, and offices
  • Industrial—warehouse, storage facilities, construction, manufacturing, production
  • Land—ranch, farms, and open spaces ready for use or re-development and establishments of subdivisions

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