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Who would have thought that even the safest place in the world, so assumed, is also vulnerable to all kinds of attack or intrusion? In fact, it is an ideal place for intruders to break in since violence and crime often happen to quiet places, where perpetrators believe nobody is watching.

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Table of Contents

Protect Your Church from Intrusion

No matter what religion you belong or what faith you follow, we cannot deny that the modern world is crime ridden and that the bad guys can come from all over the place. Your place of worship could be riddled by all forms of intrusion.

The church is not an exemption for unscrupulous people and that its safety is compromised, especially that some of these institutions are less manned during days without worship held. Nevertheless, when days are filled with people, you need a more robust security system to monitor any untoward behavior.

Watchlight’s 24/7 security monitoring system is advanced and will help catch intruders even before they make their first attempt. Monitor suspicious movements at your convenience.

Enhancing your church security system

Watchlight’s advanced security system is perfect for multi-tasking security surveillance within the premises of a religious institution. It doesn’t only takes care of the property itself but it is also highly useful in keeping everybody safe while holding worship. Maintain the sanctity of religious rites by providing peace of mind for your congregation.

What does a church security solution cover?

There are many things to think about when caring for your church building and the people it shelters. Your church and the church staff, including attendees, can benefit from the following:

  • CCTVs can easily spot intruders whose intent is to steal and create crime.
  • Preventing and keeping out vandalists.
  • Monitoring safety through security cameras installed inside the building.
  • Broadcast meetings and sermons. Videos can be recorded and viewed in real time. Real-time monitoring offers the best solution for those who are away yet have the control to arm or disarm through mobile devices.
  • Keep your valuables safe. Church belongings and possessions including antiques or items of monetary value, donations from people, and vaults are vulnerable to theft.
  • With a sophisticated monitoring system, you can alert authorities through the central station to report crime, loss of property, and damage to life.
  • Keep your church away from fire through effective alarms that serve to alert designated centers to act immediately and deploy rescue.
Watchlight can set up either or all of the following:
  • Door and window sensors against breaking in
  • Security cameras
  • Access controls and locks
  • Smoke detectors and fire alarm system
  • Central station monitoring

Get help from UL certified and experts in the industry of monitoring, safety, and security. Watchlight’s complete and recommended technology ensures that your industry is well protected and safe.

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