Utilize Power and Energy without Interruption

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Whether public or private, utility service providers are essential to our daily living. Protecting these facilities means allowing an uninterrupted service to our homes.

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Table of Contents

Keep the Lights Burning

Utilities include electricity, water, natural gas, telecommunications, coal, sewage, transportation, and even postal services. What do you think will happen if one of these services gets disrupted? Imagine a world without energy, where electricity is sourced, and from electricity we enjoy the lights in our homes and businesses and everything that requires power to function, what would it be like?

Telecommunications is also an integral part of businesses. Today, almost everyone on the planet relies on the Internet for information—and this is wide-scale utility service. Thus, the telecommunications industry is one of the pillars of the economy.

Utilities Are Basic Needs

Utilities like water provide our homes, businesses, and large industries with all the things we need to run our lives. Imagine if our water facilities are faced with security challenges, who would save them to supply water to the consumers?

The power to distribute or store potable water is challenged by different attacks in different circumstances. Our reservoirs are located in remote areas and the only known barrier or protection are the fences built around the facility. All forms of terrorism happen, and terrorist contamination of our waters is not new.

Knowing that most utility facilities, including the power grids and plants, do not have advanced facility security systems, the fear of disruption and intent to destroy humanity in different ways is increasing.

Given this kind of vulnerability in the utility sector, safeguarding this industry with state-of-the art monitoring and security solutions is imperative. This is to prevent future data breach, intrusion, burglary, contamination, disruption, and terrorism on a national scale.

Prevent Service Interruption with Effective Security Solutions

Watchlight is a provider of security solutions, and it boasts of its state-of-the-art technology equipping every industry with the appropriate protection.

Facilities may become safe with exterior and interior cameras, wide-area camera surveillance that will man all corners of the perimeter. With an advanced and sophisticated design, monitoring and control systems are highly reliable. Even the most discreet plan of vandalism in an attempt to tamper or destroy facility and equipment is recorded in the cloud and monitored real time.

Satellite imagery, intrusion detection, reporting, and alarm monitoring are crucial to everyday security operations by simultaneously working with the central station to send command or notify authorities of any suspicious events.

Watchlight makes everything accurate and possible when it comes to protecting your industry.

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