Watchlight Has Your Back When Power Goes Out

Power outages are events that affect people, their operation, and cost billions of dollars in losses. And when the power goes out, it doesn’t happen only once. When hit with power outage, major operations will fail.

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What causes power to fail?

Power outages are due to many causes. It could be a natural catastrophe—weather disturbances like storms, blizzard, or earthquakes. Sometimes, power grids fail due to overloading or over demand. Simply put, power outages are inevitable so we have to be always ready.

Watchlight saw the need for backup solutions as this makes a lot of sense, especially for things that need to be failsafe in any aspect. The importance of backup is that as a monitoring company, we have to be running or operating all the time and so our customers. Serving as the backup power for the consumers, we ensure that we also backup our systems. Whether that service is a monitoring system, intrusion, fire, surveillance, DVRs, etc., we need to be ready and responsible for providing solutions.

Backup power has multiple facets. The Watchlight team has its own backup systems for its operation center and dispatch. We have battery backup, generation, and gas-powered backup systems. So we got backups on backups to make sure we are always running. We provide battery systems for our monitoring, install generators, and other backup solutions for our clients.

Power Backup Systems

We know the impact losing power can have on businesses, especially at a time when it is imperative that you keep your lights on or else risk losing customers. We work hard to ensure that your business never has to suffer that kind of embarrassment.

Our team of experts perform a complete assessment of critical systems to determine your requirements for backup power, and then provide you with the right choice of power backup.

By installing an uninterruptible power supply or generator backup at your business, you can guarantee that your data will be protected, and the lights, power, and systems critical to the operations of your company are going to continue to stay on even when everyone else is in the dark.

UPS Maintenance Service

When mission-critical systems go down, a quick recovery is essential, and that is where our uninterruptible power supply system works fast to ensure that your systems don’t incur any downtime, and your business doesn’t suffer massive losses.

Watchlight provides routine maintenance services for all major brands of UPS systems. Our national network of factory level certified field engineers offer major and minor preventive procedures for both the UPS system and the batteries as well.
With years of experience in the industry, we understand the complexities of a UPS system and can install one that protects your business from data loss and other system failures.

Our scheduled inspections are designed to address the external operating parameters, battery cabinet checks, internal operating parameters, general conditions, monitoring system parameters, connections, and dozens of other aspects in the UPS System Maintenance Service Plans.

Always Keep Your Lights On

Watchlight offers complete, global support for backup power solutions, with experience in design, installation, maintenance, service, and testing of UPS, battery, generator, DC power, and other systems. We ensure that your backup systems are ready when you need them.

Backed by our technical expertise of the power protection business, we have built a reputation for uncompromising service, excellence, and delivery. At the heartbeat of our service is a dedicated service team that is available 24/7 to ensure the life-long and reliable operation of our customer’s power protection systems.

Here at Watchlight, we want to be your sole support system when you’re threatened with power loss, and our uninterruptible power system ensures that you never need to worry about power losses.

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