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Commodities like gold, diamond, all things that sparkle, and other precious stones are the types of things that people value so much and where burglars love to break in because the merchandise are worth thousands, if not millions, of dollars. Insurance companies are not going to cover them unless it’s a security resource company, such as Watclight, which is not only a UL monitoring company but also a UL installation company.

Table of Contents

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Go for A UL-Certified Security Systems Provider

You know when your industry is in serious business if it is protected by a security company that is UL certified. As for jewelry stores, integrating a security and alarm system delivered by experts in the industry of security monitoring is imperative for them.

Watchlight protects jewelry shops with store security and alarm systems that comply with American standards. Jewelry stores owners have the responsibility to ensure that they run their business while they know they are protected and they use advanced security systems for their welfare.

Jewelry Store Setup:
What Kind of Security Solution Is Required?

Jewelry stores are vulnerable places for mindless creeps whose dream job is to bag in those sparkling objects on the shelves and the hidden stones and money inside the vault. While jewelers have seen this coming, some of them are not as upbeat as others when it comes to technology advancements.

The evolution of technology has made life easier for people in many ways, including how businesses benefit from applications that will protect their investment for a long term.

In a jewelry store, anyone entering it would easily spot valuables displayed in showcases and find with their scrutinizing eyes where the vault is located. The demand for electronic and physical security for these kinds of establishments is high. Thus, with a sophisticated security system, jewelers would not think twice to decide they needed to equip their store with cameras and alarms.

Jewel shops owners are not less ignorant to decide on using vulnerable glass showcases since it is very evident where thieves would attack first. Also, resistance against glass tampering has already been thought of.

Surveillance cameras will serve as the eyes and storage backup for videos. Cloud computing has been helpful in eliminating the hassle of bulk recording in forms of physical disks, which obviously have limited capacity compared to what the cloud can store.

While the smashing of glass showcases is a conventional method of stealing, jewellers nowadays are becoming smarter by taking advantage of the preciseness of modern technology in the face of the Internet and networking.

The presence of surveillance cameras would serve as guards on a 24-hour basis, and this idea alone will get rid of the bad guys unless they are too advanced to hack the system. Even so, with alarm systems, monitoring has never been a hassle since the evolution of telecommunications has been helpful in hooking alarms to highly efficient networks for seamless transfer of data.
High-resolution cameras, huge cloud storage, facial recognition, and efficient connectivity to the central station and the authorities, jewellers regain their peace of mind.

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