Where We Began, We Keep Moving Forward

How It All Started

After being a victim of two burglaries in 1972, Paul Piscatelli decided it was time for security alarm monitoring. Unsatisfied with the available options, he founded what is now Watchlight Corporation with a single promise: to provide a better and more affordable way to protect people and their properties.

Our thrust focused on creating affordable security monitoring for all residents in the United States. Protecting families is what we initially wanted to do while providing an affordable yet full service security monitoring for businesses within our surrounding areas.

Like every thriving business, Watchlight started small. We did local business in San Diego as we started monitoring by the late 1980s and early 1990s in a home garage. But we saw the need to provide for an industrial service that is secure and the best of the best.

In the 1990s, we started installing more fire systems, access control systems, and cameras. We also developed a strategy and platform for integrating our own central monitoring. During that time, we only had the customer service department installation. We did our own monitoring early on. During those stages, we were able to become an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) monitoring center.

Our industrial, commercial and government-style jobs have started doing access control, providing more cost savings for services to all of our subscribers.

Since its incorporation, Watchlight Corporation has delivered on that pledge and has built a reputation as a low-cost leader in the security industry. The company has been a UL-Listed Central Station since 2004 and maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
In the middle of 2009 and 2010, we started deploying software-based programs, more mobile apps and systems, desktop and mobile.

Our company started doing more integration, smart homes and businesses, and smart industries in driving user experience. Our infrastructure and technology helped our users benefit from the newly built access systems, such as door locks and key cards.

With advanced user experience, credentials can easily be accessed using a software installed on a mobile device. So we let people control locks and devices remotely.

In addition to offering alarm systems and monitoring solutions at a superior value, Watchlight Corporation also takes pride in providing personalized customer service and responsiveness that you will not find with most other security providers.

The Watchlight team has been watching for almost 50 years. Through all those years, we learn to build the business, develop the system, customize it the way customers will benefit from, and then look back to see what we have accomplished.

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