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To be specific about the corporate industry, we mean business offices. With so many industries, we cannot remove from the equation the corporate world when it comes to security requirements. This means keeping safe the business asset, properties, including intellectual properties, the building itself, and the occupants. The business security system is an essential component in running the business.

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Safety Features

The business security system is an essential component in running the business. This is imperative in the corporate industry and it includes the following aspects or a combination of:

  1. Access control

    Our system prevents unauthorized access to vulnerable areas where suspicious people could enter whenever they want to.
  1. Intrusion devices/motion sensors

    Window or glass break sensors are smart devices that are hooked to the control panel and can be monitored through mobile devices once armed.
  1. Video surveillance

    Get a wide view of what’s happening in your facility with our state-of-the art surveillance cameras and learn how you can protect your premises especially those areas often targets of attack.
  1. Fire detection

    Smoke sensors and other devices provide early detection and evacuation when necessary before a great damage will occur.

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UL Enlistment

As a UL-listed alarm monitoring company, Watchlight sets up professional monitoring systems that observe and follow local and federal regulations. We make use of the Internet to integrate the system that will work seamlessly.

Our comprehensive and sophisticated security products and integrated system protect your business in full gear. Meaning, all else integrated, there is a strong emphasis on facility management where there is control on people movement, detection of imminent threats, monitoring of suspicious activities, fire detection and prevention, and access control configuration.
UL Listed

Working with Experts

Watchlight provided the next level of security based on the latest technology. We work hand in hand with engineers and IT experts to ensure that we install and equip your office with security solutions tailored fit for your business.

Watchlight is an industry leader when it comes to business or corporate security monitoring, fire safety, camera system, reporting, and more. We have performed integrated system projects to different industries, and the corporate world is a part of it.

We offer a wide range of security products and services and we keep an eye on your facility 24/7 depending on the design built for your building. Mobile devices and communicators running under high-speed networks will ensure your system keeps running. It gives your facility management the ability to control the security process in your palm.

We keep an eye on your business, so the moment you blink an eye and miss a thing, we have you covered. Feel safer and work more efficiently and with peace of mind while we handle your safety at all costs.

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