Getting Ahead of the Rest in Protecting Storage Facilities

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Storage facilities are great. However, you don’t just want to jump in and get a unit to throw all your stuff. Some storages are crowded and the safety of your belongings are compromised.

What do you need the storage for? If you realize you have a ton of valuable items you don’t use yet but you have inadequate space at home, renting a storage space is the best next thing to do.

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Table of Contents

Storage space for keeping things safe

Storage facilities are built and designed to be safe and secure. Most renters have concerns of the type of service offered by a storage company. It is expected that the entire facility has accessibility convenient and unique for each renter. Any form of security breach is a demerit for any storage company. For example, the temperature control system should be properly working since not all units contain the same items. Some belongings require a certain temperature and humidity from damage, especially when things are kept for a long time.

Storage companies are expected to deliver the best service when it comes to securing your belongings. Otherwise, what’s the sense of having one?

A storage facility or service is one of the industries that provide a high-quality service when it comes to protecting your valuables. Watchlight covers services storage industries in terms of providing state-of-the-art devices designed to keep your belongings safe from any kind of intrusion.

Security options

Automated access, keyless entry, security cameras individualized per unit, smoke detectors, fire alarm, and surveillance system for the entire facility—all of these are vital for storage operators to have control over the premises.

We provide digital security for the whole storage so operators will have the option not to hand out physical keys anymore. Keyless entry works this way, and it’s a highly secured system that offers digital locks that serve as keys.

For the protection of the storage business itself, renters who fail to pay their bills regarding their storage, they can simply lock their customers out.

Restricted access guarantee is valuable for any renter to prevent unauthorized coming of people to visit any unit. Restricted entry to the storage is important in keeping all of belongings in the units safe. Keypads and passwords work effectively when visitors come by. Since logins and passwords are unique to renters, it is impossible for intruders to execute their ploy unless the renter has been compromised to divulge his credentials. Additionally, even facility staff have no access to entry information.

Watchlight’s design system is manageable but advanced. If you feel your storage is neglected just because you have a poor security system, then go out and see what other storage companies do.

The utmost goal of storage facilities is to see that all grounds are protected and guarded, believing that all kinds of valuables, some you have no idea how they are worth, are kept there for safety. And for Watchlight, we help this industry have an eye by installing relevant devices, such as keyless access or entries, CCTVs, or alarms that can be used to guard the premises 24/7.

If the storage company’s job is to keep an eye on stuff, Watchlight’s role is to equip these businesses with cost-efficient measures to keep their monitoring safe, effective, and give us all peace of mind all throughout.

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