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Financial institutions are one of the most vulnerable industries in terms of security breach. Watchlight’s thrust of ensuring every industry is served and safe, it has the solid experience and team of experts to deliver the most sophisticated and advanced security systems in retail and commercial banks, central banks, unions, loan companies, insurance and mortgage companies, brokerage firms, and all kinds of financial institutions.

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Table of Contents

Keep your financial institutions safe

Financial institutions play a crucial role in the national economy. They serve as its heart and soul. Thus, more stringent security measures should be imposed to protect assets, properties, financial savings and investments of customers, and sensitive data.

Financial institutions that store huge amounts of money such as banks should integrate an effective security system to ensure that such environments are safeguarded. This is also to protect the welfare of the employees, clients, customers, and other personnel that are a part of any financial institution.

Experience our integrated security solutions

Watchlight’s industry experience in integrating security solutions provides the most advanced, technology wise, systems that fit any budget requirement. Taking into account the advancement of technology, it is only timely that banks and relevant institutions should adapt to innovative security solutions to equip their facilities the most effective protection against all forms of intrusion.

Watchlight offers security solutions involving:

  • Access control
  • Central station monitoring
  • Locks & door hardware
  • Video surveillance
  • ATM security
  • Fire safety
  • Intrusion detection

Secure your business and enhance your security system with Watchlight’s convenient and smart solutions:

  1. Video surveillance

    There’s no better way of keeping an eye on your facility more than having high-definition CCTVs installed to any strategic point in the building. From parking to main entrance, lobbies, teller sections, vaults, and other high-risk sections, feel safe at all times with the watchful eyes of Watchlight’s sophisticated video surveillance system. Catch unusual activities within the premises and even outside of it and even view them all and control them remotely.

  1. Fire safety

    With a well-engineered fire alarm system, you protect not only your property but also the workforce who are the main reason for the operation of your business. We haven’t achieved an age where androids would dominate business operations. Even with the most sophisticated equipment around, we still need humans to run the system. Loss of property and life due to fire is truly alarming. Let Watchlight offer you the most advanced fire safety solutions today.

  1. Access control

    Take control of your facility by adopting security measures that will monitor and regulate access to certain areas and prevent intrusion all the way. Advanced access control enhances protection against any form of intrusion.

Major institutions that Watchlight covers include central banks, commercial and retail banks, savings and loans associations, credit unions, mortgage and insurance companies, brokerage firms, investment companies, and any other financial-related institutions.

If you belong to any of these institutions and you want to get the best protection ever, now is the time to learn more about it. Have someone to keep an eye on your business. Ask our Watchlight team now.

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