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What is the most occurrence in food courts? “When there’s smoke, there’s fire.” A symbolic saying that could send a literal message to all food court managers and businesses that deal with food and cooking. But fire isn’t the only thing that concerns the food service industry.

In any type of business, safety procedures are integral to the process and vital to the survival of the company. The staff, cooks, diners, and all the people involved in the food industry, including the facility, are the lifeblood of the business. Watchlight’s round the clock service ensures their safety in all aspects. 

Restaurant security systems are an important component of food service. You have to keep the staff, the customers, and all your properties safe. For restaurants and bars that work until the late nights, they are more open to intrusion, attack, emergencies, and crime. Adopting security precautions is essential everyday, 24/7.

Table of Contents

Save Your Investments and Profits

Investing in sophisticated restaurant security systems will protect the business and save you from millions of dollars in loss during fire and other events. Watchlight’s advanced security system for your restaurant is the most important decision you will ever make to save dollars, properties, and lives.

The installation of video surveillance in discrete areas in the restaurant, especially the backdoor, the vault, cashier, and kitchen, will keep the place monitored and possible crime at bay. Sometimes, the customers, or those who pretend to be customers, are the perpetrators of crime. Doing undercover might not have entered your thoughts, but this can happen where criminals due to their thing stealthily.

Parking lots and exterior areas are also potential spots for criminals to commit their misdeeds. CCTVs are a great help, especially if you avail high-resolution cameras that capture with smart recognition and store huge amounts of data for your playback as old as months’ records.

Alarm systems hooked to a control panel, from which it is easier to alert the police or fire department are an effective deterrent against different forms of crime. With quick response by authorized responders, the situation could be mitigated.

The kitchen could be a dangerous place if food service management is not keen on installing devices that will prevent fire. It is a spot where smoke fills in the air. Though kitchen staff are used to such situations everyday, accidents still happen, sometimes due to carelessness or failure of smoke devices. Even if sprinklers are helpful in fanning out the fire, still damage is done disrupting the business flow.

Deep fryers, ovens, and other heated materials can be left or neglected overnight, creating a big trouble to the equipment and the building. With an effective alarm system, any major accident can be prevented.

Feed Your Business with an Advanced Security System

Let your business flow by protecting it with an advanced security monitoring and alarm system. Let Watchlight find the solution to all your security needs.

Watchlight is a leading provider of security devices, services, and solutions and ensures that business is good. Let your business not only feed the hungry. Protect lives, save your investment, and let your business flourish.

Learn more about our expert system design and installation. Know our awesome service and be a part of one of our success stories and testimonials. 

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