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There are good reasons to invest in security doors, fence, and other protective structures to secure your home or building with state-of-the-art security solutions. Watchlight’s ability to fabricate or customize locks for enhanced security enables you to maintain a well-kept highly secured property, whether it’s residential, commercial, or industrial.
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When you think about securing your premises, the first thing you begin to think about is door locks. During the night, it’s instinct that doors and windows are properly locked because they are passages of intrusion.

Intruders can easily make their way into your building, if not your door, they will target windows, and you’re being attacked. In this case, isn’t it logical to put doors and windows as top priority of security?

You never want to invest in cheap doors. One way to safeguard your hard-earned money with those properties is to secure your main entrances of doors with high-end locks, if possible, automated.

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Security screen and main doors

Before you think about installing a highly secured door, you would want to cast burglars away with a sophisticatedly designed security screen door and main doors. Having your screen door with an impressive locking system, would you think intruders dare to pursue their agenda? What about the main door?
You can tell a secured main door from the impression of the screen door. And obviously, the entire door system is something burglars would have to think about before coming back to your place. If that happens, you already know who they are with your CCTVs.

An above-standard security screen door is more than non-removable hinges and sturdy frames. It’s about more than the average locks. Screen doors with advanced locking systems are better than heavy-duty doors with sub-par locks. It is easy to get in, but having the high-end lock screen door, at the onset, intruders do not have the tools to dismantle the lock equipped with alarms. Furthermore, the locks on these doors are digitally engineered that even a brute strength can’t breach.

Sophisticated Fabrication

Here at Watchlight, we customize according to what our customers need. We saw the market in different industries needing customization in locks, doors, and steel gates. Our range of lock customization services include:
  • Custom locks
  • Custom touchpoints with access control doors and door locks
  • Fabricate gates, cages, protective boxes (e.g., gate motors, electronic assemblies, utility meters, storage, garage, etc.)
  • Protect and prevent copper theft
  • Custom security screen doors, outdoor electrical box, metal fence

The experts of Watchlight also work on electrical closure, meter/utility cages and locks, security brackets and enclosures to protect copper wires and cables, automated garage gates, driveway gates, fences in combination with surveillance cameras and authorization and authentication systems upon entry. This, like a network, works together to build efficient but cost-effective security systems.

Wide Market Scope

We address facilities managers, purchasing managers, and property managers, because they know better how to handle their facility against theft, intrusion, fire, and relevant events.
Fabricating opens doors to endless business possibilities. We assume and perform subcon business projects to do fabricating in all kinds of metal works.

If a business has a massive requirement for gates, our experts can do the fabrication concerning locks. Thus, we can offer a time-efficient and cost-efficient job compared to hiring another company that isn’t an expert on the matter.

No matter how efficient and good quality your electronic locks and alarms as others would claim, it will never be proven and sufficient unless provided by building components that fit with the correct locks based on your specific needs.
As we are renowned for integrating smart solutions, we want you to explore these possibilities and learn more about lock fabricating.

Maximum protection can only be achieved if the entire door system is equipped with state-of-the-art security and automated locks. Call Watchlight today and begin improving your security system solution for your property.

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