Wired or Wireless Networking Must Be Professionally Built

Wired Security System

Setting up a wireless security system presents a unique challenge by itself. With a direct-wired connection, users can easily start transferring data at a rapid pace without worrying about security.
Wired networking utilizes Ethernet cables in transferring information between devices and computer systems. Even though wired networking relies on using physical cables, it’s considered to be cheaper, faster, and a secure method.

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Setting Up Wires Professionally

Watchlight has the most experienced and highly professional team that can match up to any challenge and has the most unique wiring solutions.

Wiring is an art by itself. Our customers have witnessed and experienced how amazing our security team laid wires to massive facilities and provide seamless, fiber-optic cabling that is simply neat.

Our experts do conduit runs and bends. They do fabrication by burying wire underground, punch through walls, and penetrate countries. No matter how tough a job is, our team ensures a successful integration setup.

Hardwired vs Wireless

Wired and wireless technologies are both impressive security solutions. They are two different things that state the obvious. Wired technology lies on physical connectivity while the wireless runs on protocols based on waves and frequencies.

Modern homes go wireless. The Internet has paved the way for wireless technology. While wired technology cannot totally get rid of, it is vital for a wide-scale business or facility. The debacle between wired and wireless would be senseless as some customers might be better off with wireless but in no competition with hardwired technology.

Watchlight provides both services. And depending on how you look at it, wired technology has been pretty impressive and successful, as we were able to set up wiring in various facilities, like schools, government and corporate offices, fitness centers, salons, and other commercial establishments.

If a certain company requires facilitation of utilities, such as electricity, water, gas, or Internet, our service is important in aspects of electricity and Internet.

A particular company may have one trusted builder, another doing the data, and another running the video. But for us, it’s a one-stop solution if you have us do all the security stuff like fire, or camera, detectors, etc.

Wireless Technology

Watchlight knows whether you have an old system built up and has to be replaced with a new system, such as wireless.

The first security cameras had to be connected to the source through wires. Cables are the highways in transmitting video signals to any viewing device, such as the TV or computer.

Today, more and more customers are choosing wireless security cameras because of the level of encryption they offer. Videos are stored through computers or Cloud, which makes video data more secure and invulnerable against breach.

These security benefits offered by wireless cameras include high-resolution video recording, Bluetooth, infrared, and sophisticated motion detection.

For Home and Business

We put our best foot forward in providing our customers with sophisticated technology solutions to ensure superior connectivity and security.

Whether you’re looking to set up a small-scale home wireless networking system or are looking at large-scale wired systems for businesses, you can easily find anything that you need right here with us.

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