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Video surveillance for your home and business is a great way to equip yourself with monitoring tools to keep an eye on your property.

Watchlight offers the video surveillance service of the latest technology.

Have the convenience to monitor straight from your smartphone or desktop and record videos in high-definition resolution. Save, retrieve, playback, or monitor live is all about keeping an eye on everything.

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Building a video surveillance network is highly essential and is an imperative move to protect malls and stores that sell all kinds of merchandise and to monitor cash registers that have been abandoned by personnel out of fear. Riots and protests lead to looting and vandalizing, which make these small businesses highly vulnerable. People tend to take advantage of an ongoing chaos to break in and attack a facility. But an efficient video surveillance system would prevent the occurrence of these criminal acts even without actual police presence.

  • Protects the entire community of businesses
  • Better tracking to capture criminal movements or previous encounters
  • Able to locate and target vehicle license plates
  • Clearer sources for authorities to uncover criminal identities
  • Better business security that covers the entire shopping center
  • Minimizing blind spots where evidence is obscured

Watchlight provides in-person planning and evaluation to come up with the best security camera solutions for your business needs.

  1. Monitor live

    From within your premises by using your computer, phone, or tablet, witness what is happening in real time. Check on your loved ones, even your visitors or your pets using high-definition video.

  1. Record videos

    If you never want to miss an important event, let’s say, an occasion conducted while you’re away, have the convenience to record those special moments. Retrieve them anytime from your video library those moments you cherished. Controlling your temperature means also saving energy. Discover more surprising features of climate control.

  1. Receive alerts

    Through video alerts, receive notifications through your phone on activities that might trigger something. Whether it’s an emergency or simple moments but really matter to you, customize the system to alert you with these events by setting the time, day, and type of camera (if you have more than one installed).

  1. Retrieve videos

    Pull up videos that are 30 days old and have the convenience to track events; emergencies, crime-related events, burglary, intrusion, and many more.

    Professional video surveillance systems provide a high-quality real-time video surveillance and recording of the events in your premises with a complete view of the inside and outside of your property’s perimeter.

    Ensure safety all the time. Control remote monitoring from any smart device.

NVR and DVR: choosing the correct video surveillance system

Network Video Recorder (NVR) and Digital Video Recorder (DVR) are two different video systems using contrasting techniques.

Both NVR and DVR are essentially useful and helpful in monitoring events and saving them for any purpose. The only difference these two is on how they process the video data collected from your surveillance cameras.

If you are using NVR, it lets you process video data on the camera itself by streaming it to an NVR recorder using Internet protocol or networking. NVR is perfect for remote viewing because it has the sophistication of Internet connection.
On the other hand, DVR processes video data using a recorder, thus converting analog video data from CCTVs then converting them to digital.

While the approaches to video recording are different and so the protocol they are using. NVR is an Internet-based system and can be hooked wireless or wired. DVR uses a wired system.

Doorbell Cameras

The doorbell camera is not your typical doorbell. Marketing plain doorbells today is extremely tough since the market is already saturated with such types of products. It’s time for something new.

Enhancing the conventional doorbell with doorbell cameras is improving your security system that lets you see who’s knocking without opening the door. The doorbell camera is an absolute solution to view in transparency who’s coming at your place. It gives you the convenience to monitor pranksters.

Doorbell cameras remove your worries and your endless guessing because it has the feature to even talk to the visitor through an app.

View your visitor without getting near the door. Enjoy the convenience of having a doorbell camera installed in your home.

Unparalleled Security and Surveillance

Modern video surveillance systems can do so much more than just catch a glimpse of an event in action.

Here at Watchlight, we use the latest video surveillance tools to ensure that you and your property are in safe hands. Powered by strong infrastructure, we provide high-quality IP surveillance solutions that allow you to receive alarms from your camera without any human intervention.

Secure your property and ensure that no undesirable event or crime will take place. Get the most advanced professional video surveillance services and never spend a day worrying you miss an event.

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