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High-resolution cameras provide real-time viewing from your smartphone or computer. A DVR and / or associated smartphone application will allow you to record and store videos. The installation of video cameras will allow you to monitor who arrives and departs, what is happening inside and out, and your inventory / belongings. Watchlight provides in-person planning and evaluation to come up with the best security camera solutions for your residential or business needs.

Video Surveillance helps in:



Network Video Recorder (NVR) and Digital Video Recorder (DVR) are video recording systems that use different methods to process the video data collected from your surveillance cameras.

Network Video Recorders process video data on the camera itself by streaming it to the recorder using Internet protocol or networking. NVR is perfect for remote viewing because it has the sophistication of Internet connection. NVR systems can be wireless or hardwired.

Digital Video Recorders process video data using a recorder, thus converting analog video data to digital. DVR systems are hardwired.

Doorbell Cameras

Doorbell cameras are advanced security devices that let you know who is at the door. Where there is a passage or an entryway, doorbell cameras are helpful in monitoring visitors, vendors, parcel deliveries, and more.

The difference between doorbell cameras and surveillance cameras is all about enhanced user experience. With a doorbell camera, you will be alerted and you can interact with the whomever is standing outside the door right from your smartphone. If you have cameras installed outside your home or business, more often than not, these are one-way devices. Doorbell cameras allow you to view and communicate with the person on the other end, providing convenience as well as safety.

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