Monitoring All Kinds of Intrusion to Keep You Safe

Watchlight’s advanced and professional monitoring is to serve a wide range of customers. We cater to residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

Alarm monitoring covers a comprehensive setup. From fabricating locks and doors, to installing the system for wired and wireless, to activating the system, we complete the job.

We monitor over 50,000 subscribers coming from different industries. We monitor fire, intrusion, human traffic along with suspicious movements within a facility, and events within and outside the premises of every property. Yes, we check heartbeats of different systems to ensure that they are communicating.

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Video Monitoring

Video monitoring is an excellent service because it is an event-based trigger, which allows the customer to get the fastest police dispatch.

Video monitoring is the king of security, especially when it comes to verification and getting the responders out to your location. With video analytics, we can set smart rules where we can track loitering, track couriers, and track left packages.

When a camera is in alarm condition, you will exactly know if the subscriber elects for the services and pays for the services.

Watchlight facilitates video monitoring features in different ways. You can view events in real time, record them, play them back, pause, and retrieve. Whatever you’d like to do with video captures even if you’re away and you never want to miss a moment, our video monitoring features will provide all that.

We pride ourselves on being the fastest in terms of dispatch. Our central monitoring works accordingly anytime there’s a need for response in emergencies. This is because for over 30 years, we have been doing alarm monitoring, which makes us experts.

The longer we stay in business, the more we serve, and the more we understand our customers. Throughout those years, we have learned quite a bit and were able to forge great partnerships with public safety sectors.

One thing that sets Watchlight apart from the competition on monitoring is that we are UL certified. This means that we make this world a safer place since such certification is useful for both the business and its consumers. Our consumers are on top of our list, which is why this UL certification is important not only for us but for them.

We go through rigorous testing compliance twice a year to ensure our backup systems, our infrastructure, our data, and our employees meet the strictest guidelines, because we’re monitoring critical infrastructure.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Watchlight monitors critical infrastructures in different industries, such as agriculture, energy, utilities, Department of Homeland Security, and jewellers.

Protecting properties through monitoring is what we do for many decades. Our advanced monitoring system has prevented fires that could have damaged establishments of impressive size. Our vigilance was able to mitigate alarming situations, fulfilling the essence of monitoring.

The Importance of Monitoring

The need for an alarm monitoring system is even more crucial now because of the increase of burglaries that are taking place every year. According to statistics, there are roughly 2.5 million burglaries every year, and 66% of those were home break-ins. Out of them, the police only manage to solve about 13% of the reported burglary cases, mainly due to a lack of witness or physical evidence.

Whenever you need a professional monitoring to protect your home or business from burglaries, we install the system that is appropriate for your needs.

Watchlight experts does the following:
  • Set up your equipment
  • Help in design and implementation
  • Help get the prints and CAD drawings
  • Work with other contractors
  • Offer competitive pricing

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